The End is Near?



So what's up with the year 2012?  Or more specifically with December the 21st 2012. 

The Mayan calendar ends (for good) on this date with prophecies of the end of time. (the Mayan calendar has run for 2,300 years).

Erratic weather patterns thought by some to predict mega volcanic activity in the year 2012.

Bible code translated to reveal warning of a comet striking the earth ending with the phrase "It will be crumbled, I will tear to pieces".

Other Bible passages warn of a 'sign of god from space' occurring in 2012.

So is the world going to end in 2012?  Perhaps, but another popular belief is that 2012 does not signify the end of the world, but merely the end of the world as we know it, suggesting that 2012 will herald the coming of an evolutionary spiritual leap, and an ending of our self-centred, materialistic ways.



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