Make a Wish

A List of Things Upon which to Wish to Make your Dreams come True.


Whether your wish be selfish or altruistic all of us at times feel the need to cast out our nets and ask for our dreams to be fulfilled by the magic contained within a chicken-bone or a falling star.  It's like praying but without resorting to begging favours from the big guy(s) upstairs.

There are many things upon which mankind has deemed value as a wish-conductor, of which no doubt these are just a few:

* Wish upon: Acorns - If whilst stood under an oak tree an acorn falls, pick it up, turn around three times and then make your wish.  It is said that placing the acorn on your windowsill for a further three days increases still the likelihood of your wish being granted.

* Wish upon: Birthday Candles - The wish that comes once a year, once lit take a deep breathe and hold it in, then blow.  If all the candles are extinguished with just one breathe then the birthday boy/girl is granted their annual wish.

* Wish upon: Books - If you drop a book then step on it with one foot and make your wish.  However you must remember to pick it up with the hand opposite the foot you used, or your wish will not be granted.

* Wish upon: Coins (and wells) - Throw your coin into the well and make your wish.  It is said that the larger the value of the coin thrown in the stronger the wish may be. 

* Wish upon: Eyelashes - When you find an eye-lash that has fallen out, place it upon your fingertip and blow it away whilst making your wish.

* Wish upon: Falling Stars - If you're lucky enough to witness a shooting star the rules are simple, you see a star you make a wish.

* Wish upon: Jockeys - If you happen to see a jockey wearing his racing silks whilst away from the racing track you are entitled to make one wish.

* Wish upon: The Moon - Yet another birthday wish, on the evening of your birthday look at the full-moon and make a wish.  It is said that if the moon crescent points up your wish will go unfulfilled, whilst if the crescent points down your wish will be granted, whilst a full-moon will provide the wisher with a full year of good-luck.


* Wish upon: Rainbows - When you see a rainbow, draw or make a small cross on the ground, after doing this you may then make your wish.

* Wish upon: White Horses - Upon seeing a white horse you are entitled to make a wish, but for your wish to come true you must make it before you see the horses tail.

* Wish upon: Yawning - If you can refrain from yawning upon witnessing another person yawn then reward yourself by making one wish.

* Wish upon: Zoos - When visiting a zoo you may make a wish whilst walking through the entrance backwards.  You must however for your wish to come true remember to walk backwards also whilst leaving.


  - Make a Wish - A list of things upon which people wish.