The 13th floor


Could you make it to the top?

The scariest haunted house known to man or nothing more than an urban legend?  The tale goes that located somewhere in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) is a thirteen floor haunted house, with the most notorious of the floors being the thirteenth.  The stories claim that visitors are first made to sign a waiver protecting the owners from legal action before being allowed to enter, and once inside the purpose is to try and make it to the very top, or the '13th floor'.

Each subsequent floor of this haunted house is said to become more and more disturbing; with each new level reached eclipsing the last for terror.  Very few people are said to have reached the 13th floor of this notorious haunted house, but the reward for those who do is said to (depending on the story) range from anything between receiving your entry fee back to receiving a far more substantial prize.

What exactly lies in wait for its visitors within those 13 floors remains unknown.
 - The 13th floor - Haunted House.