Demon of the Lunar Mansions


‘Abduxuel’ is said to be a Demonic entity associated with the ‘Lunar Mansions’ which are otherwise known as ‘Nakshatra’.  The Lunar Mansions are similar in structure to that of the Zodiac and make up 27/28 divisions of the sky as calculated by the moons monthly cycle and the prominent stars visible within each division or Lunar Mansion.

Abduxuel is a demon associated with the religion of ‘Enoch’ or ‘Henoc’, said to have been the great grandfather of ‘Noah’ Enoch was taken away by God for being a good and just man and later became the ‘Metatron’ the highest Angel.

Abduxuel is sometimes referred to as the guardian of the dead and has been said to appear in the form of a fallen Angel that was released by Lucifer from the fiery pits of Hell.

Abduxuel - Demon of the Lunar Mansions





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