Black Eyed Kids


They want to come in

According to the stories the 'black eyed kids' or 'BEK' appear in the form of children with dark coal black eyes.  Apart from the eyes they are said to be normal in appearance, wearing modern clothing, etc.  The black eyed kids are said to approach their target usually but not always at their home.  The BEK then (often in a strangely pleading voice) ask or beg to be let in.  This may be into the approached persons home or other stories tell of them asking for entry into the persons car, by asking for a lift.

Those who claim to have been targeted by black eyed kids tell of an intense and un-nerving feeling of dread, and an unshakeable feeling of being in the presence of evil.  The black eyed kids will continuously plead to be let in, becoming more and more impatient and demanding if their target does not comply.  All tales of this phenomena however come from those who were able to resist the urge to allow entry to the BEK, what happened to those who have been unable to resist this supposedly compelling temptation, is unknown.

The Black Eyed Kids (BEK)

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  - The Black Eyed Kids (BEK).