The Goat Suckers.

The Chupacabras (also known as the 'Goat Suckers') were first sighted following an unexplained subterranean explosion in Puerto Rico in 1987.

The Chucacabras are thought to be violent and dangerous creatures, feeding by draining the blood from animals, usually through small incisions made to the back of the head.  Physically the Goat suckers are described as being very thin but with powerful hind legs, as well as possessing of large fangs and claws.

Chupacabra sightings have been reported throughout Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, and America.

It has been noted that the Chupacabras are very similar in appearance to the notorious alien race known as the 'Greys', this has led to numerous theories developing within the UFO community regarding the GoatSuckers, a popular one being that the Chupacabras are some form of biological weopon developed by the 'Greys', possibly an experiment that went horribly wrong.

  - The Goat Suckers (Chupacabras).