Deros (Subterranean Alien Beings).



Subterranean Alien Beings


Dwelling in underground tunnels the 'Deros' are thought to be an extremely unpleasant and violent race of subterranean beings.  Also known as the 'Saaminym' the name Deros is derived from the words 'Detrimental' and 'Robot'.  The Deros are believed to be descendants of a highly advanced extraterrestrial race that migrated to earth many thousands of years ago and are thought by some to be responsible for the legends of trolls and leprechauns.

The Deros are believed to have colonised both the surface and the interior of the Earth and despite being the descendants of a highly advanced alien race the Deros are believed to have deteriorated both physically and mentally, and have become a race of hideous, moronic and evil creatures.

The Deros are believed to influence the behaviours of mankind by firing deletrious rays towards the surface from their underground lairs, these rays are thought to be responsible for most of the wars and violence suffered by mankind.  The Deros are at war with another race of subterranean aliens known as the 'Teros', the Deros and the Teros are both descendants of the same original alien race to colonise Earth but the Teros attempt to help mankind and thwart the Deros in their attempts to destroy us.

The Deros are thought to harbour a strong dislike for the human race due to the fact that the Deros still believe that the Earth belongs to them, and that one day it will again. 

Deros (Subterranean Alien Beings).



  - Deros (Subterranean Alien Beings).