Evil Clowns

Evil clowns or 'Phantom clowns' as they are also known were first reported during the early 1980's.  The term refers to the sighting of an individual dressed in loud clown-style outfits and make-up, often spotted driving battered vans not unlike those driven by circus clowns.  The evil clowns are thought to exclusively target children, attempting to lure them into their vans.  Many detailed descriptions of the vehicles used by these phantom clowns have been given, but despite this, none of the vehicles (or clowns) have ever been traced.

One incident reported to have occurred on the 22nd of May 1981 involved a phantom clown driving a yellow van visiting no less then six schools and attempting to abduct children, the clown was described as wearing a strange black shirt with an image of the devil on the front.  The police were unable to apprehend the clown.

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