Father Bowdern


And The Exorcism Of Roland Doe


Father William Bowdern is the name of the Catholic Priest said to have been responsible for freeing the young boy commonly known as 'Roland Doe' from Demonic possession in the exorcism that is thought to have become the basis for the notoriously scary movie 'The Exorcist'.

Roland Doe is also sometimes known as 'John Hoffman' and it is unknown which, if either is the real name of the boy.  All known information regarding the exorcism of Roland Doe has been taken from a mysterious diary believed to have been kept by one of the priests in attendance.

Extracts from the priests diary tell of:

Unexplained dripping noises, a picture of Jesus being shook on a wall, scratching noises under floor boards, and footsteps.  Soon after this began Roland Doe's Aunt died (The Aunt with which he lived who had also previously instructed Roland in the use of the Ouija board).

Soon after his Aunts death scratches began to appear on the young boys body, this went on for several days, and then words began to appear on Roland Doe's body, words which appeared to have been made by claws.

Father Bowdern was called and permission was obtained to perform an exorcism.  Roland Doe was over the next few months transported back and forth between his home and a nearby church as the exorcism continued.

The Roman Ritual of Christian Exorcism reads: "I cast thee out thou unclean spirit, along with the least encroachment of the wicked enemy and every phantom and diabolical legion..."


Father Bowdern - The Real Exorcist


The exorcism initially met with repeated failure, with one priest being slashed with a bed spring, and an image of the devils face appearing on Roland Doe's leg.  The Catholic Priest Bowdern however refused to give up and dressed in religious talismans and holding a crucifix repeatedly performed the rites.

The possession of Roland Doe came to an end when during the final session the young boy unexpectedly cried out "Satan! I am Saint Michael! I command you to leave this body now!"  Roland Doe's body then with a massive violent spasm uttered "He is gone!"

Roland Doe later claimed to have seen a vision of Saint Micheal expeling the demon.





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