Gods Of The Untamed Forest


Typically thought to resemble goats below the waist and humans above Fauns in Roman mythology were known as place-spirits that dwelled within untamed woodlands.  The name 'Faun' is derived from the Latin word 'Faunus' meaning: 'Gods of forests'.

Fauns also known as 'Satyrs' were thought to be tricksters, and were associated with the 'sensual life', they were believed to indulge in wild orgies and were linked to the Roman God 'Dionysus' the God of wine.

The notorious 'Goatman' of  Maryland U.S.A is said to be a Faun, reportedly seen by teenage couples having sex in cars the Goatman is said to act aggressively, sometimes attacking cars with an axe. 

Another notorious Faun is that known as the 'Pope lick monster' which is said to use ventriloquism to attempt to lure young lovers onto train tracks and to their death.




Faun - The Goatman Of Maryland And The Pope Lick Monster




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