Lord Of Demons


Known as the 'Lord of demons' or the 'God of evil' in Finnish mythology 'Lempo' is regarded as the Devil itself.  Lempo is in command of all the demons and evil spirits of the forests which are known as the 'PIRU'.  Lempo is also known as 'Paapiru' meaning 'Head of the Demons'.

Lempo is said to be one of the three Gods of evil that inhabited the terrestrial world.  The other two were named 'Paha' and 'Hiisi'.  Lempo's mortal enemy was 'Lemminkainen' the Finnish God of trickery and conjuring.

Strangely; Lempo the lord of demons and God of evil is also the Finnish God of love.  What at first seems a strange paradox is thought to highlight the belief that the ancient Finnish people (as many would today) viewed love as an insufferable ailment, often bordering on insanity.


Lempo - The Lord Of Demons - God Of Love





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