The Merchant Family Monument

More than meets the eye?



Despite the best attempts of those eager to debunk anything associated with the paranormal certain mysteries are still able to evade explanation, one of these is the mystery of the Merchant family monument or grave.  In 1896 the Merchant family erected this monument topped with a 5,200 pound polished granite ball to form a beautiful and fitting structure to their family burial plot, however within just two years of its placement it was noticed that the huge granite ball that sat atop it was rotating.

The underneath of the granite ball (the only un-polished area on its surface) was found to have moved and was now visible, the Merchant family upon being informed of this had work carried out to reset the granite ball.

The Merchant Family Burial Monument - Haunted Cemeterys


The Merchant Family Burial Monument.

It wasn't long following this maintenance however that it was noticed that  the huge granite ball atop the burial monument was once again rotating.

The Merchant family monument can be found in the Marion cemetery of Marion, Ohio.  The black and white photo above of the Merchant family monument is said to have been found under the stairway of an old house in Marion that was being torn down.

To this day the Marion family burial monument, continues to rotate.

 - The Merchant Family Burial Monument.