Creature from the deep


With numerous reported sightings around the Falmouth Bay area of Cornwall, UK the 'Morgawr' meaning 'Sea Giant' is said to resemble the Loch Ness Monster in appearance which in turn is said to resemble the prehistoric sea dwelling dinosaur known as a 'Plesiosaur'.  The legend of the Morgawr goes far back into Cornish history with several strange sea creatures matching the Morgawr's description having supposedly been caught, suggesting that there is more than one of these giant sea serpents living within the Cornish waters.

One sighting of the Morgawr occurred one evening in the September of 1975, a Mrs Scott and a Mrs Ripley claimed to have witnessed the Morgawr surface at Falmouth Bay, they described the creature as being a 'hideous hump backed creature with stumpy horns and with bristles down the back of its long neck.  The Morgawr is thought to be up to forty-five feet in length and has most often been sighted between the stretch of coastline between 'Rosemullion Head' and 'Toll Point', which has come to be known as the 'Morgawr mile'.


Morgawr - The Cornish Sea Monster.

 - Morgawr - The Cornish Sea Monster.