Demon of the South-Western Winds


Pazuzu, King of the Demons, Dark Angel of the four winds, Lord of the South Western winds, The bringer of pestilence and the master of fevers and plagues.  Pazuzu is a Demon based in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology and was believed to be a mixture of both man and animal in appearance, with the body of a man, the face of a lion, the taloned feet of an eagle and wings, and a scorpions tail.

Pazuzu is often portrayed as having one arm reaching upwards and the other stretching downwards symbolising both life and death, or creation and destruction.  Pazuzu was associated with the dry south-western winds that were known to proceed famine in dry-seasons and plagues of locusts during the rainy seasons.

Pazuzu's most notorious appearance in recent times was of that as the Demon that posessed the young girl 'Regan MacNeil' in the hit horror movie 'The Exorcist'. 

The following is an example of an invocation found engraved in cuneiform characters on a statue of Pazuzu. It is believed to have been used as an amulet to protect people from Pazuzu.

"I am Pazuzu, son of the king of the evil spirits, that one who descends impetuously from the mountains and bring the storms. That is the one I am."

Pazuzu - Demon of the South-Western Wind




  - Pazuzu - Demon of the South-Western Wind