Planet X

The Unknown Planet


Planet X - Nibiru - The Unknown Planet.


Many ancient cultures believed in the existence of the mysterious unknown planet that is now commonly referred to as 'Planet X'.  Over the years planet X has gone by many different names including: Nibiru, Nemeses, the Red Star and the Twelfth Planet.

Some believe Planet X to be our Sun's lost binary or companion star, a binary star system consists of two stars orbiting around their centre of mass and Planet X is thought to be a massive planet known as a 'Brown Dwarf'.  Thought to be between two and six times as large as Jupiter Planet X whilst huge is still thought to be too small to sustain the type of nuclear fusion that gives our sun its glow.

Some theories suggest that from time to time Planet X's orbital cycle bring Planet X crashing back through our solar system causing untold destruction, previous visits to our system by Planet X are thought by some to have been responsible for several known global disasters, the most famous of which included the mass extinction of the Dinosaurs.


The ancient Sumerian's wrote of a race of beings known to them as the 'Anunnaki', the Anunnaki were believed to be the occupants of Planet X and frequent visitors of Earth.  Some believe that the human race was created by the Anunnaki using genetic engineering, possibly by splicing their own alien DNA with that of Earth's primates, this theory also offers up a reason as to why so many of those who claim to have been abducted speak of having been tested or experimented upon, suggesting that the Anunnaki are gathering data and checking upon their experiment.

It has been suggested that Planet X's return to our solar-system and the devastation with which it would be accompanied, could be the mechanism by which the 2012 Armageddon foretold by the Mayans and predicted by Nostradamus will be brought to bear upon us.



 - Planet X - Nibiru - The Unknown Planet.