"Is there life out there?"


Aliens, Little green men, extraterrestrial life forms: one of the biggest questions ever asked, still remains to be conclusively answered.  There are those who believe and those who mock in equal numbers, but whichever side you take, it must surely be difficult to look out into that vast stretching space that envelopes our home and not ask yourself the question: is there life out there?

Some believe them to already be here amongst us, some believe that they are watching us, visiting, abducting and analysing us, others believe they are the genetic stock from which we ourselves were created, and yet more believe that those who believe in any of those things, are crazier than a coconut.

The term 'extraterrestrial life' is that given to any life-form that originates from outside of the earth.  Within our solar-system the planets deemed most likely to have once supported or that could continue to support life are: Venus, Mars, and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.  Do you believe?

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