The Day Of The Dead

Día de los Difuntos


Celebrated mainly in Mexico or by people of Mexican heritage the 'Day of the Dead' is a special holiday intended for the remembrance of friends and family who have passed on.  The celebrations of this holiday actually cross over two days, the 1st and 2nd of November.  The 1st of November is used to honour the spirits of deceased children and infants and is actually known as the 'Day of the Innocents',while adults are remembered on the 2nd of November which is the actual 'Day of the Dead'.

Traditions associated with the day of the dead include building altars to honour the deceased, and to take gifts of marigolds, sugar skulls, and favourite foods and beverages to the graves of the dead.

The day of the dead is thought to have grown from an ancient Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess known as 'Mictecacihuatl' or 'The Lady of the Dead'.

It is believed that on the Day of the Dead it becomes easier for departed souls to visit and communicate with the living.


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