Ghost On The London Underground


The photograph to the right was taken in the early 1980's by Karen Collett; a housewife from Watford England who had taken her children out to London for the day.  Taken on the Bakerloo line of the London underground the photograph clearly shows an image of a man sat in an electric chair reflected onto the window behind her children. 

Several weeks later Karen Collett visited Madame Tusaud's wax museum and was surprised to find an exhibit featuring the man seen in her photograph 'Bruno Hauptman', a man executed by electric chair for killing Charles Lindbergh's baby son.  (Charles Lindbergh was an American aviation hero).  The exhibit at Madame Tssaud's however does not feature the blue electricity seen surrounding the hands in the photograph.  

So is this a genuine photograph capturing a real ghost on the London underground?  The photograph was taken with a very simple point-and-shoot camera, and was sent of for analysis, no explanation for the appearance of Bruno Hauptman has been found.

Some explanations offered have included that it contains the reflection of a movie poster advertised outside the carriage on the underground.  The movie suggested is 'Shocker' which was released around the same time, however the movie poster is clearly very different (see right).

The other explanation given is that the image was a reflection from a poster advertising the exact exhibition featuring Bruno Hauptman that Karen Collett would later visit at Madam Tusaud's.  Madam Tusaud's however are unable to find any record of such a poster ever being used.


The London Underground Electric Chair Ghost

The London Underground Electric Chair Ghost


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