Half in and half out


Half in and half out the 'Hai-Uri' is a deity of African origin that is believed to stalk human prey.  Feared by the 'Hottentots' or the 'Khoikhoi' native black Africans of Southern Africa the Hai-Uri is said to appear in only half its form, seen as a being with only one arm and one leg the Hai-Uri is seemingly split down the middle, this is due to the belief that the Hai-Uri is said to be half-in and half-out of our world, never being able to cross over fully from the under-world from which it originates.

Thought to be extremely agile despite being only half in form the Hai-Uri is believed to be a predator of men, the Hai-Uri is also believed to be gifted with a form of partial invisibility that enables it to sneak up upon its prey.  Victims of the Hai-Uri upon capture are then said to be dragged back by this terrible creature into the underworld lair from which it came.

Hai-Uri - African Deity.





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