Nibiru, Nemeses, the Red Star and the Twelfth Planet.



Creatures of thought




The 'Tulpas' also known as 'thought forms' are artificially created entities of a non-physical nature generated purely from the power of thought.  It is believed by many that all living creatures possess a psychic aura, and it is through the manipulation of this psychic aura by skilled occultists that the Tulpas are created.

The Tulpa once having taken on form from thought are usually under the control of their creators, and are able to travel vast distances at great speeds in order to carry out the will of their creators. 

The Tulpa are often used to attack the enemies of their creators, but it is said that the Tulpas are able to develop intelligence and independence from their masters and have been known to attack those that brought them into being.

The creation of a Tulpa requires the practise of extreme concentration and visualisation, and the dispersion of a Tulpa turned malevolent once created can prove even more difficult still.

Tulpas - Thought Forms.


  - Tulpas - Thought Forms.