E.V.P (White noise)

EVP or 'Electronic voice phenomenon' is essentially the practise of using tape recorders, camcorders and/or other electronic devices to converse with or to receive messages from the spirit world.

The practise of capturing these messages is known as 'instrumental transcommunication' which means - 'to converse with the other side by means of electronic instrumentation'.

'White noise' is often associated with the capturing of EVP, as the colour white is a combination of all the other colours, 'White noise' is produced as a combination of sounds from all available frequencies.

'White noise' itself is not a form of communication from the spirit world, but is thought to act as the medium by which the dead are able to contact us, a kind of spiritual lubricant enabling the voices to be enhanced and recorded for future examination.

When recording EVPs a source of white noise such as a radio, TV, or a white noise generator on a PC is utilised, the white noise is left playing while questions are asked and recorded.  Upon play-back of these recordings voices or images  may now have become audible/visible.

EVPs may take the form of  messages from loved ones, messages to be passed on to the loved ones of others, seemingly random messages or fragments of conversations, or more worryingly, threats or warnings.