Haunted dolls

"Robert did it!"


For some, as a child your favourite doll or toy would have become your nocturnal protector, your bodyguard against the monsters lurking in wardrobes or under the bed, you were the lucky ones.

For others, it was your dolls or toys that became the threat posed by the dark of night, seemingly animated after the lights went out, they would move around by themselves, always appearing elsewhere from the place they were left before you slept.

Dolls especially are often connected with spirits and hauntings, if the doll is old it may still be connected to a child to which it once belonged, even long after that child has grown-up or died.

The most notorious of all the haunted dolls is 'Robert', Robert was the life-long companion of the painter 'Robert Eugene'.  As a child the painter spent many hours alone playing with the doll, and was often heard talking to it, too which he would respond in an entirely different voice. 

As time passed Robert the doll never left Robert Eugene's side, going everywhere with the child, strange occurrences such as things becoming broken or stolen were blamed on the doll, when confronted the child would simply say "Robert did it!"

Footsteps were heard late at night, and unusual singing was heard coming from the child's nursery,  resulting in the entire household living in fear of the doll. 

As a grown man Robert Eugene still kept the doll, and when he married the doll continued to seemingly act of it's own free will, his wife and servants all claimed to have seen the doll darting between rooms and corridors.  His wife forced the painter to relegate the doll to the attic, but Robert the doll refused to remain there, and was often found elsewhere, when confronted by his wife the painter would tell her "Robert did it!"

After the death of Robert Eugene, a new family moved into the house, upon finding Robert the doll in the attic he was given to their daughter.  However it appeared that the dolls strange ways had not ended with the death of his former owner, and the new owners claimed to have witnessed many strange and terrifying incidents at the hands of the doll. 

Picture Of Robert The Doll - Haunted Dolls.


The Daughter of the family began to suffer from nightmares immediately after receiving Robert, and claimed that on several occasions she would awake to find Robert sat on her face, attempting to suffocate her.

Robert the doll now resides in the 'East Martello Museum' in Florida, Staff and visitors alike still claim to witness many strange occurrences regarding the doll, staff claim to have been followed by Robert, while visitors taking photographs are often left troubled by the dolls changing expressions.




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