Sleep Paralysis - Legend Of The Old Hag.


Sleep paralysis

The Old Hag


Sleep paralysis is the term used to describe a state of paralysis that grips the body usually shortly after waking, but occasionally before falling asleep.  Scientifically it is thought to be a part of the natural sleep cycle known as 'REM' (rapid eye movement).  The human body excretes hormones into the blood-stream whilst sleeping in order to limit locomotion, i.e. to stop you getting up and wandering around in the night (a lack of this hormone is thought to be the cause of sleep walking, etc.).  Sleep paralysis is thought to occur when the brain awakes but the body is still under the influence of these enzymes.  These episodes are often accompanied by nightmarish hallucinations, and a heightened sense of helplessness and fear. 

This condition is well documented and is often connected with the paranormal, in Vietnam it is known as 'Ma De - held down by a ghost', in China it is known as 'Pinyin - body pressured by a ghost', in Iceland it is known as 'Mara - Devil sitting on your chest trying to suffocate you', and so on, around the globe this condition is believed by many to be associated with some form of ghostly/demonic attack upon the soul. And you never know, scientists have been known to be wrong before...


Sleep Paralysis - The Old Hag.



 - Sleep Paralysis (The Old Hag).