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Whether you’re looking for answers or just here to kill a little time the virtual Tarot reader offers free tarot card readings online.  Originating in the 15th century the Tarot was originally known as the ‘Tarrochi’ and is a set of cards used by occultists and mystics as a tool of divination, their purpose to make sense of life events by drawing on unknown forces.  Tarot cards themselves contain no powers, but are used as a focusing device for areas of the human psyche usually left untapped, with the meanings of each card interpreted by the Tarot card reader.



To receive your free Tarot card reading simply enter your name and date of birth where prompted then watch as the virtual tarot reader predicts via 3 cards your past, present, and future.  Perhaps the ‘moon’ card will force you to confront your past and accept some blame for past woes, perhaps the ‘sun’ card in your present will offer good omens for new relationships started or maybe in your future the virtual tarot will offer up ‘the empress’ as a means of persuading you to avoid unnecessary confrontations.   

So go ahead, take our free Tarot card reading online, discover your future, and find out how your past and present have helped to shape it.

Virtual Tarot - Free Tarot Card Reading Online




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