Vlad III

The Real Dracula

'Vlad Tepes' better known as 'Vlad III' or otherwise known as 'Dracula' was the prince of 'Wallachia' a region of 'Romania'.  Dracula is an old Romanian word meaning 'Son of the dragon' or 'Son of the demon'.  Vlad Tepes ruled during the 15th century and many believe him to be the basis of the Dracula character of Bram Stokers famous novel. 

The name Dracula is synonymous with fang bearing blood drinking vampires, and Vlad Tepes was known for his use of exceedingly cruel punishments and torture methods.  Vlad ruled by means of violence and is notorious for his love of 'impaling' and is often called 'Vlad The Impaler'.  Once whilst in conflict with a rival prince Vlad ordered his armies to impale the entire population of the village that hid him.

Impalement is a term that refers to situations in which objects are driven through the body, causing deep stabbing wounds.  Impalement as a method of torture and execution involves a person being pierced with a long stake. The penetration could be through the sides, through the rectum, through the vagina, or through the mouth. This method leads to a painful death; sometimes taking days. The stake would often be planted in the ground, leaving the impaled person suspended to die.

Vlad Tepes was killed in Battle against the Turks who decapitated him and publicly displayed his head.  The body was then said to have been buried at 'Snagov Monastery', however recent excavations of this burial site have yielded no remains. 

There are those who believe that Vlad III Dracula in some unholy form, still practises his dark arts; on those unfortunate enough to meet him.



Vlad III - The Real Dracula




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