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Welcome to the Shop of Little Horrors

Home to the internets strangest collection of alternative fashion dolls, unusual play-friends and unique fashion accessories. 

Some need looking after, some need locking up, and others just want to eat your brains.

Some think that these dolls bring you luck, riches, good health or a desirable partner. 

Others think that they're more likely to attack you whilst you sleep.

If you like the look of these dolls, and would like to see more, then simply click on an item listed on this page, browse the categories to your right, or click on the link below.


String Voodoo Dolls

Meet The Odd Dolls


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A Selection Of Hand-made Voodoo Dolls From The Shop Of Little Horrors.






Zombie Horror Dolls For The Alternative Fashion Scene.

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Horror Dolls - Hand-made Alternative UK Fashion Shop

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So if like us you love hand-made ugly dolls, adore brain eating zombie monster dolls, collect voodoo string dolls, and hold a place in you're heart for horror dolls and plush of every description, then check out our current auctions for hand-made ugly horror doll plushie.


Unique Alternative Fashion Accessories


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