The Crystal ball

"You Are Going To Meet A Tall Dark Stranger..."


A crystal ball is a sphere made of crystal or glass that is generally used as a device to aid the medium during acts of clairvoyance.  'Clairvoyance' is the term derived from the French words 'Clair' which means 'Clear' and the word 'Voyant' meaning 'Seeing' -'Clear seeing',  and is thought to be the process of gaining knowledge regarding an object, person, or location by means outside the range of the known human senses.  The art of using a crystal ball is known as 'Scrying' or 'Crystal gazing',  images are said to be seen within  the crystal ball, and translated by the clairvoyant into advice regarding important life decisions, such as issues of love, marriage, finances, births, etc.

 A crystal ball may also be known as a 'Shew stone'.

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 - The Crystal Ball (Shew Stone).