Love spells


'Desire me' spell

Ok, so maybe it's not morally correct, but then they do say that all is fair in love and war, and we don't know any war spells so...

To make the object of your desires fall madly in love with you:

(1) Collect some soil.

(2) Sprinkle the soil around the base of a red candle.

(3) Light the candle and focus on the one you desire.

(4) Chant:

"Come to me my will is great
your new fate you can't escape "

Continue chanting until you can visualise the one you desire clearly in your minds-eye thinking about you.

(5) Continue every night until the next full moon.



Marriage spell

Looking to get hitched?  Why not try our marriage spell.

(1) Take a red rose and write the name of your loved one on the petals.

(2) Wrap the petals in tissue and place them under your pillow whilst you sleep.

(3) Sprinkle the petals outside the home of the person you love.

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