How To Kill A Zombie

Remove the head or destroy the brain


We asked the question: What would be your weapon of choice for engaging in a zombie killing massacre?

This is the answers you gave:


(1) Baseball Bat

 Baseball Bat For Killing Zombies

(2) Machete

Decapitate A Zombie With This Machete

(3) Chainsaw

Chainsaw For Removing Zombie Heads

(4) Light Sabre

Use The Force And A Light-Sabre For Laying Those Zombies To Rest

(5) Pump Action Shotgun

Pump That Zombie Full Of Lead

(6) AK-47

The AK-47 For When You Absolutely Positively Gotta Kill Every Zombie In The Room


(7) Flame Thrower

Toast That Zombie Good With This Flame Thrower

(8) Bazooka

Blow Those Undead To Pieces With This Bazooka

(9) Chain Gun

Let Rip At the Zombie Horde With A Chain-Gun

(10) Thermo-Nuclear Bomb

Blow Them Zombies To Hell And Back With A Thermo-Nuclear Bomb


But what would be YOUR weapon of choice?  Help decide once and for all: What is the ultimate zombie slaying weapon?

How would you kill a zombie
Weapon Of Choice?
Baseball Bat
Light Sabre
Pump Action Shotgun
Flame Thrower
Chain Gun
Thermo-Nuclear Bomb
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 - How to kill a zombie.