"They're Heee-re"


The name 'Poltergeist' is coined from the terms 'Poltern' which is German for 'to rumble or make noise' and 'Geist' which means 'ghost or spirit'.  So essentially Poltergeist is the name given to a spirit or ghost that chooses to manifest itself by making noise, etc.  most commonly in the form of moving / influencing otherwise lifeless objects.

One notorious incident of recorded poltergeist activity occurred in 'Rosenheim' (southern Germany) in 1967.  The incident's all occurred in the presence of 'Annemarie Schneider' a 19 year old law secretary.  Occurrences of unexplainable activity included disruption to phone lines and electricity, pictures rotating, swinging lamps and strange sounds that were described as being 'electrical' in origin.  What made this case special was the fact that is was one of the first poltergeist incidences to have been recorded on video, in addition to this the recurring events were witnessed by police, reporters, C.I.D and physicists, all of whom were unable to explain the phonemon.

Reasons for poltergeist activity can include the spirit:

* Being confused and not realising that it has died, feeling fear and not knowing where to go, and so remaining around familiar grounds.

* Having obsessive attachments to living persons / places / or objects.

* Experiencing a strong sense of unfinished business.

* Desiring revenge.

How do you get rid of a Poltergeist?

* Poltergeists are said to thrive on attention, with activity getting worse the more its presence is acknowledged - try ignoring it and it might just get bored and go away.

* If you believe the Poltergeist to be linked to a specific item - get rid of it!

* If things start getting out of hand try calling a priest, but it would be wise to make sure it isn't someone playing tricks on you before you start bothering your local man of God.

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