Scariest Movie Monsters And Villains Ever


We asked the question: Who would you least like to find chasing you through the woods on a dark night?

This is the answers you gave:


(1) LeatherFace

 Leatherface - Scariest Horror Movie Monsters Ever

(2) The Candyman

The Candy Man - Terrifying Movie Monsters

(3) Penny Wise - The Clown From IT

Pennywise the Clown - Making children cry at parties - has to be one of the scariest movie villains ever

(4) Jason

Jason - Hockey mask wearing psychopathic movie killer!

(5) The Joker

The Joker - Batmans make-up wearing arch nemesis - "Why so serious?"

(6) The Infected (28 Days Later / I Am Legend)

The Infected - Previous friends and family now want to bite chunks out of you and eat your brain - scary movie monsters

(7) Michael Myers

Micheal Myers - Sociopathic Movie Killer

(8) Predator

The Predator - Is it horror or is it sci-fi, who cares because the predator wants to skin you alive and polish your skull

(9) The Creepy Girl From The Ring

The Ring - Who'd have thought that a japanese girl with her hair all up in her face would look so scary - but the girl from the ring has to be one of the scariest horror movie monsters in a long time

(10) Hordes Of Zombies

Zombies - Like a slower moving version of the infected the zombies want to eat your brains

(11) Jigsaw (From The SAW Movies)

Jigsaw from the SAW movies tortures people in order to teach them a lesson, personally i'd rather go back to school but there are those who appreciate the teachings of this classic modern movie monster.

(12) The Thing

The Thing - Classic creature feature





(13) Darth Vader

(14) Dr Hanibal Lecter

(15) The SCREAM masked killer

(16) Freddy Kruger

(17) The Blair Witch

(18) Alien (From the Alien Movies)

(19) The Worm Things From The Tremor Movies

(20) Annie (From The Stephen King Film 'Misery')


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Who Is The Scariest Movie Monster / Villain Of All Time?
Leather Face
Candy Man
PennyWise The Clown
The Joker
The Infected
Micheal Myers
The Girl From The Ring
The Thing
Darth Vader
Dr Hanibal Lecter
The Scream Killer
Freddy Kruger
The Blair Witch
Tremor Worms
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