How To Make Your Own

Monster Doll


Want to make your own hand-made monster friend, it's easier then it seems, follow these simple steps and you'll have created your own designer plush in next to no time.

(Step 1). - Select your piece of funky fabric, remember it needs to be big enough to cut out two of your little monsters body shape.

How To Make Your Own Designer Plush

(Step 2). - It can help to create a template for the body shape of your little monster, this can easily be created by drawing it onto cardboard and then cutting it out.

How To Make Your Own Urban Toy

How To Make Your Own Designer Plush

And don't worry about it being perfect, it's a monster after all.

(Step 3). - Place your template on top of your fabric (making sure you have enough fabric for two) and then draw out two of your little monsters outlines on the fabric.  Cut out the two halves of your plushies body, which should now look something like this.

Make your own Ugly Doll

(Step 4). - Choose a side to use as the front or face side of your monster, and then you can add features to make up the face.  Buttons make good eyes...

Designer Plush


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(Step 5). - The mouth can then simply be sewn on (it looks better if you start from the back, but hey it's a monster so go crazy).

Urban toys - Ugly Dolls

(Step 6). - You should now have something looking like this:

Designer Urban Plush

Two sides of your plush, one for the front and one for the back.

Next you need to flip the face side of your monster over onto the back side of your doll.  The face side needs to be on the inside of the doll whilst being sewn for a neater finish.


but once again it's a monster so you could just lay the face side on top of the back side and sew the two halves together.  It's a good idea to Use safety pins to hold the two halves of fabric together whilst sewing.

Hand made ugly dolls

(Step 7). - Once the two halves are sewn together remove the safety pins and now where you left the gap you should be able to turn the monster doll inside out again, be patient with this pull to hard and you might tear it.

(Step 8). - Now your monsters the right way around there's little left to do but stuff it.  For this you can use many things such as the stuffing from an old pillow, feathers, rice, or anything else you fancy.  Simply push it or pour it inside the monster plush via the gap you left un-stitched under the arm.  You can use a pencil, etc. to push the stuffing into areas that might be hard to reach.  Once your monster  plush is full simply:

Urban Toy - Designer Plush

(Step 9). - Step 9 is the best step of all because there is no step 9, by now you should be the proud parent of your very own little horror monster doll.

Enjoy and have fun!

 - How to make your own monster doll.