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Very few of us these days are forced up dark cramped chimneys or down dangerous coal mines with nothing more than a sliver of cheese for sustenance and protection in order to earn a living, has this led to us becoming a generation of over-grown children?  Almost definitely yes.  Is this a bad thing?  Possibly...

Plastic and plush urban designer toys - my old Grandma might not have been impressed by the sight of her 30 year old grandson collecting dolls, but then she's dead, and I'm not.  And what better to spend the inheritance on than the brain-children of some maniacal designer someplace turning the oddest of their imaginings into plastic or plush toy form.  Designer plastic and plush urban toys are becoming increasingly popular, especially with brands such as the 'UglyDolls' breaking through and receiving larger-scale attention from the main-stream.

The beauty of the designer toy scene, especially with the plush is that anybody can 'dream-up' their very own little monster and then like a crazed Dr Frankenstein with needle and thread bring their little designer monster to life.


Urban Toys - Designer Plastic And Plush

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