They Want To Eat Your Brains!



Zombies in popular culture are the reanimated corpse of a human, brought back to life, often as the result of virus or infection, and exhibiting a deep hunger for brains or human flesh.

Zombies are also associated with the Vodou (voodoo) religion, in which they are told to be slaves brought back from the dead by powerful sorcerers.

Some believe the word 'Zombie' developed from the Kongo term 'Nzambi' meaning 'spirit of the dead'.

In both instances Zombies are portrayed as being devoid of both speech or free will, either acting upon the orders of their masters or controlled by some deeper primal instinct to feed.

Zombie facts: (1) Zombies eat humans, (2) Zombies usually form groups, (3) Zombies are slow and uncoordinated. (4) Zombies usually spread the infection by bite, with those bitten becoming Zombies themselves.

How to kill a Zombie: The most tried and tested method being a bullet or hard blow to the head, killing the brain kills the Zombie.  Fire is also thought to be effective, especially when used to cremate the bodies of those who have not yet turned.








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